Nice to meet you. Here's a bit about me.

I've always been very observant and interested in psychology. Everyday I see people using services online, hanging out with their phone, and working with software. I love observing and learning how UI and tools impact perception and cognition. I plan on having a voice in how it gets designed so I can advocate for responsible tech which enriches peoples lives, solves real problems, and is enjoyable to use.


In a fast, increasingly technology driven world. It's important not to forget people. Human computer interaction is a relationship and it's important to strategize user goals in the design and development of products rather than be feature driven. As Alan cooper once said "We should design software to behave as a likable person: respectful, generous, and helpful.

What I'm reading

I am a Researcher well versed in many methodologies including usability studies, cards sort, and diary studies. I evangelize my work and produce deliverables including reports, service blueprints, journey maps, and personas. I've worked for smaller startups and large companies including Google Analytics, Samsung Pay, and apps such as Earn'in and Proteus Discover. 

Storytelling, research report writing, user testing, interviewing, systems thinking.

Invision, Excel, Adobe suite, and Google Analytics.

Rebel Talent by Francesca Gino

Art history and painting. See my paintings.

Exploring the outdoors. I use rock climbing and scuba diving as reasons to visit these remote locations. Check out where I've been.